2020 Team Challenge

The Team at Circle of Comfort are collectively walking, running or cycling a minimum distance of 114 miles to raising money for the charity. 114 miles is the total distance between each of the teams homes on Fife and Perthshire. The team is made from the charity`s six therapists, the Coordinator and the charity`s founder.
A team of eight from Fife and Perth & Kinross are putting their best foot and wheel forward for charity. For nine days starting from Saturday 11 July they will complete a Team Challenge to raise money for the charity Circle of Comfort.

“We are going to walk, run or cycle 5kms every day for the next 9 days to raise money,” as we will all have our own individual targets within the team, some more and some less than 5km every day and we aim to exceed 114 miles throughout the challenge with us all having individual targets” said charity founder Roseann Haig.

“Our target is to raise £1,120 which will be used to fund not only treatments for our clients but also personal protective equipment for our therapists.

“We had to stop giving complementary therapy treatments when lockdown started. No one has been able to receive any treatment from us for the last four months which is a real shame. Dealing with a life-shortening illness is bad enough but to do it without any one to one support service such as Circle of Comfort provides, is even more devastating.”

Circle of Comfort is a charity that provides a fixed number of free complementary therapy services to people with a diagnosed life shortening diagnosis such as cancer, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson`s disease.

If you would like to donate to the Team Challenge click on the link below or go to our Facebook page and follow the link.
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2020 Team Challenge


Charity Number: SC 038004