Circle of Comfort will usually provide four free complementary therapy treatments to people in Fife and Perthshire who are living with cancer, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson`s disease.

We offer reflexology, massage or aromatherapy treatments and will discuss with each referred patient which particular treatment is most suited to their needs and wishes.


Reflexology is a treatment in which a gentle pressure is usually applied to the feet or hands, as these are thought to correspond to a map of the whole body. In working over reflex areas within the feet or hands, reflexology aims to promote relaxation, reduce stress and tension and may help to alleviate symptoms of illness, as well as restore a sense of balance and enhance well being.


Aromatherapy uses essential oils which are extracted or distilled from plants. These oils are absorbed into the body through gentle massage and inhalation of the fragrance. Carefully selected blends of oils are used, to meet the needs of the individual, to help alleviate or prevent various conditions and to generally help a person’s physical and emotional well-being. Some oils are used for their balancing effects on the nervous and hormonal systems, whilst others may be used for their ability to improve the function of bodily systems.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage aims to induce physical and mental relaxation and promote well-being by stroking, kneading or pressing the soft tissues of the body. Our therapists want to encourage the body’s own healing processes and so tailor treatments according to the needs of each individual.

This means that they will vary the areas of the body massaged and can offer a very gentle treatment.

What happens when someone contacts Circle of Comfort?

Anyone can contact Circle of Comfort to ask about receiving our complementary therapy treatments. We welcome referrals from health care professionals and have received a number of referrals from nursing staff and cancer support groups.

Whoever contacts the charity will speak to our charity`s Coordinator who will ascertain the particular health issues of the client, explain the therapies that Circle of Comfort offers, and discuss the therapy most suited to that person’s needs and wishes.

Our Coordinator will then contact a therapist who will get in touch with the referred client and an appointment for treatment will be made, usually at the client’s home. At the first therapy treatment the therapist will get fuller details of the person’s medical history as this may be important for how therapy treatments proceed.

We ask clients to complete a simple evaluation form after their final treatments, which more than one third of them do. The feedback is extremely positive both in terms of client experience of the therapist and the benefits they feel come from treatment.

We now include six self-report ratings on pain, relaxation, appetite and so on, and the results from completed forms suggest that our therapies are resulting in considerable perceived improvement in relaxation and energy levels and for some, a notable improvement in their self confidence and pain relief.

Charity Number: SC 038004